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    1. Trikeri : In between the Pagasitic Gulf and the Evoean Gulf we find Trikeri amongst scenic villages, pristine bays and sandy islands.
      1. Agios Vatos : Slightly offshore the secluded beach Agios Vatos you can find monoliths, drop-offs and artifacts in the sand.
      2. Argyronissos : At the calm protected dive site Argyronissos you can find the remains of a German wreck.
      3. Bora : The Bora is a 16 meter long fishing trawler suitable for divers of all levels.
      4. Didimes Spilies, Twin Caves : There is a great reef and two similar twin caves at dive site Didimes Spilies suitable for all divers.
      5. Electra's Cave : The two caves of Electra are named by its resident Mediterranean Monk Seal called Helectra.
      6. Faraggi, Gorge : Clouds of silver fish, wild scenery and a huge rock is what forms the dive site Faraggi or the Gorge.
      7. Kali Tichi : The shipwreck Kali Tichi creates an excellent shallow dive with open cargo holds and plenty of fish.
      8. Lefteris Reef : Lefteris Reef has been a hazard for shipping boats since the ancient Greek.
      9. Lighthouse : There is some great and relaxed diving beneath the Lighthouse of Trikeri.
      10. Prasouda : Dive site Prasouda is one for well trained divers as there is an emersion rope to find your way back to the surface.
      11. Vera Wreck : The ship Vera is a relatively recent wreck covered in corals and swarmed with fish already.
      12. Volos Wreck : The German wreck Volos was used as a cargo ship for tobacco and oil when it crashed on Lefteris Reef in 1931.
    1. Myconos : Myconos is an island with a reputation of international fame, evening clubbing and party beaches.
        1. Paros : The popular islands Paros and Antiparos offer golden white sandy beaches and Mediterranean waters suitable for scuba diving.
          1. Blue Dome, Secret Cave : Dive site the Blue Dome or Secret Cave can be surfaced inside and provides for fantastic light shows.
          2. Blue Wall : The dive site Blue Wall is one of the best drop-offs in Paros, steep and covered in fish and corals.
          3. Doors : The two huge pinnacles dropping down to 40 meter at dive the Doors are great.
          4. Red Rock : Red Rock is a huge reddish volcanic rock, easy to spot from out of the boat.
          5. Saint Spiridon Reef : Saint Spiridon Reef provides for some excellent diving with a few caverns and plenty of fish.
          6. Silent Reef : One of the most remarkable dives is Silent Reef, invisible from the surface but displaying lots of ancient artifacts.
          7. Sunken Island :
        2. Santorini :
          1. Rhodes : Rhodes Island has an old impressive medieval center and enough pristine bays to get your gear on and dive.
            1. Kalithea Bay : Kalithea Bay is a popular scuba and snorkel destination with plenty of caves and swimmthroughs for visitors of Rhodos.
            2. Kolympia : For muck diving in rocks, sea grass and sand you should dive the pretty dive site at Kolympia.
            3. Ladiko : Ladiko is a quiet place great to dive at one of Rhodos' most spectacular wall dives.
            4. Lindos : Lindos is a great picturesque resort town with drift diving, marine life and immense caverns.
            5. Pefkos :
            6. Plimiri : Plimiri is one of Rhodos' deserted paradises with the nice commercial wreck Giannoula K and plenty of marine life.
          1. Agia Pelagia : Agia Pelagia is with its sheltered bays a perfect destination for beaching, scuba diving and snorkeling.
            1. Daedalos : Fish and rocks are the key features of diving at dive site Daedalos.
            2. Mades Coral Cave : The Coral Cave of Mades is a small cave showing two inactive bombs from WWII.
                  1. Plakias :
                    1. Karavos Beach :
                  1. Corfu : The white beaches, warm blue waters and pretty coves of Corfu make it an excellent holiday destination.
                    1. Colovri : Colovri Rock offers steep pinnacle wall diving complete with a great cave and tunnel.
                    2. HMS Regulus : The British minesweeper HMS Regulus was keeping bays save from mines of all classes.
                    3. Othoni Wreck :
                  2. Kefalonia : Kefalonia is a popular and friendly island known for its rugged landscape and equally impressive beaches and turtle sanctuary.
                    1. F495 German WWII Landing Craft : The F495 is a small World War II German Landing Craft hit by the Italians and starting the siege of Argostoli in September 1943.
                    2. HMS Perseus : The HMS Perseus was a World War II Submarine that sank between Kefalonia and Zakynthos in 1941.
                    3. Kakava Amphorae Yard : Kakava Amphorae Yard
                    4. Little Rio Reef : Dive Little Rio Reef offers pretty if coral and spongs adorned walls and a very nice cave.
                    5. Tilemachos' Cave : Tilemachos' Cave
                    6. Two Caves : Two Caves is a very popular dive with sightings of ancient amphoras, possibilities to surface inside and huge cave ceilings.
                    1. Zakynthos : The pristine island Zakynthos is known for Shipwreck Bay, cliff sided beaches and its endangered loggerhead sea turtles.
                      1. Marathonisi Island : Marathonisi Island or Turtle island is one of the breeding grounds for the Caretta Caretta Turtles or Giant Loggerhead turtle.
                      2. Zakynthos 1989 Wreck : The 1989 Zakynthos Ferry apparently sank during a huge storm near Kilini between the islands Zakynthos and Kefalonia.