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Blue Dome, Secret Cave:
Dive site the Blue Dome or Secret Cave can be surfaced inside and provides for fantastic light shows.


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A list of the best rated scuba dive sites in Greece.


Rated 5.0, 3 votes

Maybe one of the most popular islands of Greece, Corfu or Kerkyra (Corcyra) is with its fantastic beaches, excellent tourist facilities and green interior a place to behold. The west is rocky with steep cliffs, the north is mountainous facing Albania and beachers will love the stunning protected white beaches in the east. Its olive groves, cypresses trees and green meadows of flowers and blossom have given it its nickname Emerald Isle. Places to see in Corfu Town are the elegant Saint Spiridon's...

Ionian Islands

Rated 5.0, 2 votes

The Ionian Islands, named after the Ionian Sea, are made up of the seven beautiful islands Corfu (Kerkyra), Paxos (Paxi), Lefkas (Lefkada), Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos (Zante) and Kythira (Cerigo). They are all mountainous offering beautiful coves, pretty bays, white golden beaches and crystal clear blue waters. Its rich history provides this region with ancient Roman, Venetian and Byzantine ruins, at least for what remains after the strong 1953 earthquake. Whether you like bustling nightlife, ...

Kali Tichi

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

The 114 feet long motor boat Kali Tichi was built on 1917 in Holland and sank in Agia Kiriaki's harbor on the 25th of July 1975 while she was heading to Heraklion in Crete. The ship was loaded with steel from the Steelwork of Bolos. Today its deepest spot is found at 17m, making it remarkably accessible even for amateur divers, who can securely enter in its open storerooms. The shipwreck has been preserved in excellent condition and this, along with the small depth in which it lies, makes it ide...

HMS Perseus

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

The 2040 ton wreck of the HMS Perseus submarine is still totally intact lying almost perfectly upright in open water between Kefalonia and Zakynthos on a flatbed of sand. You can explore the deck, conning tower and open hatches in depths between 52 meters and 34 meters. The wreck has now become an artificial reef, with many species of fish making it their home, including Groupers, Sea Bass, Amberjacks, Barracuda, Parrotfish and Wrasse. In fact the marine life on the wreck is unique, and the dive...

Mades Coral Cave

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

The Coral Cave of Mades makes an easy dive for all levels; you can take the road around the island that goes to a small cave 5 meters long which start at 10m-15m with a maximum depth of 20m. In the middle, you can see two, non working, bombs from the Second World War. It is a very safe and beautiful dive site, just a few minutes from the main bay of Agia Pelagia. Divers who would like to go deeper can find the engine from a sailing boat at 35 meters deep....

Kakava Amphorae Yard

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

“Kakava” is an extended ancient wreck site, once believed to be a legendary submerged village. There is an abundance of amphorae, probably from Roman era wrecks with at least one from 2nd century BC. Around the reef more evidence of ancient to modern day small wrecks are present, while clouds of damselfish hovering against the current attract predators such as snappers, Mediterranean barracudas and amberjacks. Schools of parrotfish, brown meagres, groupers and octopuses occupy every ...

Zakynthos 1989 Wreck

Rated 4.5, 2 votes

The 1600 ton ferry named Zakynthos lies just off the coast of Kilini, the mainland of Greece, on her port side on a flatbed of sand and rocks in waters of 44 meters deep. The dive starts at 33 meters on the starboard side, explore the propellers, the loading ramps, the upper decks, stairs, the passenger railings, the safety boats arms and winches still in position after lowering the life boats. This wreck dive is ideal for photos and videos with many species of fish making it their home. The Za...

Didimes Spilies, Twin Caves

Rated 4.0, 1 votes

The Didimes Spilies or Twin Caves are two spectacular and similar caves. The first one is at the surface of the sea and has 5 meter of depth. You can reach the second one at 20 meter deep. The distance between them is less than 100m. Sponges of various colors and shades cover the walls creating a natural, multicolored mosaic granting the visitors a bewitching spectacle. The surrounding reef falls steeply to more than 30meter / 90feet offering a lot of alternatives to more experienced scuba diver...

Kalithea Bay

Rated 4.0, 1 votes

Kalithea Bay has been famous for its therapeutic springs from before the age of the Knight Templers. The present spa was built by the Italians in 1928, has been recently renovated and now includes a small museum and gallery. Kalithea means beautiful view in Greek and this stunning bay certainly lives up to its name. Most dive and snorkeling operators moor at a platform a little outside the main bay. Please be aware that there is no direct access to the beach of Kalithea. Kalithea Bay is renowne...

F495 German WWII Landing Craft

Rated 3.2, 4 votes

The German Navy (Kriegs Marine) F495 Landing Craft was bombed on its route to Argostoli in 1943 off the coast of Lixouri and recently discovered in August 2007 by local dive shops. She rests in shallow waters of 9 to 15 meters deep and was severely damaged. The sea bed composition is sand with wreck debris scattered over a huge area 250 meters long and 38 meters wide with fuel barrels, jerry cans, motorcycles and other cargo everywhere. Because of the shallow depth the duration of each dive is t...