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The two caves of Electra are named by its resident Mediterranean Monk Seal called Helectra.

Name Dive Site:Electra's Cave
Depth: 12-43m (39-141ft)
Inserted/Added by: divingpelion

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The area Electra's Cave has taken its name from the cave which is found at 12 meter depth and Helectra, its occasional inhabitant, a beautiful big Mediterranean Monk seal (Monachus Monachus). If Helectra doesn't come to greet us while we are still on the boat, it means that she is away, so in this case we can start our dive with a short visit to her 'house'. Going further we pass under an impressive dome and as we swim west, we follow the abrupt rock down to 40m deep. On our way down, numerous holes at the body of the rock always hide little surprises, which are a constant challenge for those with an eye for the small. Macro photography can be a real blessing here.

Another cave, Electra's Cave II starts from Helectra's cave, but this time we move southeast. Following the morphology of the bottom which slopes smoothly, we pass by rocks that stand away from one another, to approach the complex of two tremendous monoliths at 40-45m, an attraction for us as well as for it surrounding flora and fauna. There is great variety in plants and large quantities of fish, found around the two imposing rocks with a deep blue backdrop. This dive is suitable only for experienced divers.

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