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Dive Little Rio Reef offers pretty if coral and spongs adorned walls and a very nice cave.

Name Dive Site:Little Rio Reef
Depth: 5-16m (16-52ft)
Inserted/Added by: diveinkefalonia

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Little Rio is a small island just off the coast of Kefalonia with a replica statue of the one found in Rio de Janeiro. The boat often moors between the island and the land close to shore in calm waters sheltered from the open sea. Entering from the boat, you gradually descend onto the reef that surrounds the island, to a small canyon at 16 meters deep with the base of islands wall on our right side. The reef is full of life with shoals of bream, parrotfish and wrasse swimming around it. The holes between boulders make perfect hiding places for octopus, grouper, moray eels and slipper lobsters. We enter the channel that heads towards the Great Cave on both sides are entrances to smaller caves where we usually see some big scorpion fish. Look out for the resident Hermit Crab.

We enter the Great Cave at a depth of 12m, the huge cavern is about 10 meters long and runs under the island exiting on the other side. As you swim inside, you see the beautiful colors of soft corals and sponges on the walls. Larger fish are often seen fleeing to the exit whilst numerous small Cardinal fish lurk inside watching every move. Bring your torch to see shrimps living in the cracks in the walls and roof. Leaving the cave we follow a gulley back around the island to where we entered the cave continuing towards the boat, over a rocky area gradually ascending with huge boulders and pebbled floor home to many octopus.

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