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Two Caves is a very popular dive with sightings of ancient amphoras, possibilities to surface inside and huge cave ceilings.

Name Dive Site:Two Caves, Caves
Depth: 0-18m (0-59ft)
Inserted/Added by: diveinkefalonia

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The Caves or Two Caves is one of the most popular dive sites in Kefalonia characterized by two beautiful spacious caves. The boat moors close to land next to the entrance of a huge domed cavern which is visible from the surface. Entering from the boat, you descend to 6m and swim across the shallow reef then into open water, descending gradually over rocks and grass leveling off at 18m. In amongst the rocks and sand are numerous ancient Greek Amphoras encrusted with sponges and corals. Following the ancient pottery we start to ascend along the reef past the biggest almost complete amphora of one meter tall. Embedded in the rocks There is a huge old anchor embedded in the rocks, a huge bank of sea grass teeming with Damsel fish and the entrance of the first cave.

The cave can be entered at a depth of 5m, no need for torches as a hole in the top casts rays of light everywhere exposing thousands of Cardinal fish, an amazing array of colored sponges and soft corals offering fantastic photo opportunities. Leaving the cave we follow a gulley 6m deep back towards the boat, in amongst the rocks and pebbles are numerous octopus holes and many juvenile Slipper Lobsters. There is also plenty of life for the macro-photographer including fan worms, nudibranches, and a plethora of other life on the reef. Arriving back at the boat we enter a swim through and surface in the huge domed cavern home to many bats.

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