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Lefteris Reef has been a hazard for shipping boats since the ancient Greek.

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Lefteris Reef is a small rock with a great history. According to Herodotus, this rock had been the cause for at least three Triremes of the Persian fleet to sink, during the Persian invasion to Greece. In 480BC therefore, by Xerxes orders, a tall tower was built on the rock to assure a secured passage of the ships in the area. It is the oldest construction known today of this kind (two and a half centuries before the Lighthouse of Alexandria) with parts being found and drawn out with the help of divers in 1928.

Diving around the reef is a unique experience. Vertical walls that vanish in the deep blue, meadows of countless Gorgonians, modern shipwrecks and intense marine life, compose an impressive underwater scenery, capable to excite even the most experienced diver.

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