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The 1989 Zakynthos Ferry apparently sank during a huge storm near Kilini between the islands Zakynthos and Kefalonia.

Name Dive Site:Zakynthos 1989 Wreck
Depth: 33-44m (108-144ft)
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The 1600 ton ferry named Zakynthos lies just off the coast of Kilini, the mainland of Greece, on her port side on a flatbed of sand and rocks in waters of 44 meters deep. The dive starts at 33 meters on the starboard side, explore the propellers, the loading ramps, the upper decks, stairs, the passenger railings, the safety boats arms and winches still in position after lowering the life boats. This wreck dive is ideal for photos and videos with many species of fish making it their home.

The Zakynthos, built in 1979, was a ferry operating between Zakynthos Island and Kilini until the 28th of December 1989 hence its other name the 1989 wreck. It was sunk not far from the port of Kilini during a storm. Factual information about this wreck has proved very hard to come by, however, the locals have suggested that she set sail during one of the worst storms in history and not long into the voyage decided to turn around and return to port. When she was side on to the storm the cargo of Fuel Lorries, which were not chained down, moved to one side and the ferry turned over and sank. A terrible tragedy but one of which not much is known. Diving at the wreck is a deep dive and for experienced divers only.

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