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Slightly offshore the secluded beach Agios Vatos you can find monoliths, drop-offs and artifacts in the sand.

Name Dive Site:Agios Vatos, Agia Vaso
Depth: 5-35m (16-114ft)
Inserted/Added by: divingpelion

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This dive is called Agia Vaso by locals, though it is the same enchanting and secluded beach that is referred to as Agios Vatos on maps. Starting our dive fast from the shore, we soon meet a vertical wall which ends up gradually at 23 meters. The most experienced divers can go on deeper, down along another step that ends in more than 35m of depth. Big holes at the base of the wall, rocks that form domes and stunning monoliths compose impressive underwater scenery. Objects, that by now have been incorporated to the bottom, prove that the area has been a ship passage since ancient times.

The deeper parts of Agios Vatos consists out of a huge forest of soft corals (gorgonians) in depth of 30m below the surface. They fascinate anyone who is lucky enough to dive here. On your way back in shallow waters lots of nudibranches in many shapes figures and colors dance in the smooth draft.

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